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Olivia's Friends Cure Angelman
Olivia's Friends Cure Angelman
Olivia's Friends Cure Angelman

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Welcome to my Cure Angelman NOW fundraising page!

Our daughter, Olivia, has Angelman Syndrome or "AS" for short. A few years ago our family opened fortune cookies from PF Changs. We do not take fortunes seriously, ya’ll, but I’ll never forget Olivias. It read “People will come from all over to hear you speak” at first we just laughed…How ironic, if the fortune writing people knew that a child who could not talk was given that fortune, they’d laugh too. But deep down it meant something to me. I still have it. A few years later, thanks to FAST's research it’s entirely possible that in her lifetime a therapy could be developed that helps her do just that. Because of recent advancements in the understanding of AS, treatments for this disorder are not only possible, they are probable.

Individuals with AS typically have balance issues, motor impairment and debilitating seizures. Some patients never walk. Most do not speak. Despite its often devastating effects, Angelman syndrome is a simple disorder involving only ONE gene. FAST (short for Foundation of Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics) scientists have already cured AS in the lab using several different approaches. FAST is committed to bringing life-changing treatments for Angelman syndrome to clinical trial within two years. TWO YEARS, PEOPLE– but we need your help.

FAST has brought together a multi-disciplined team of more than two-dozen scientists from multiple universities and pharmaceutical companies to join forces on a focused path to a cure. Their work will change life for people with Angelman syndrome and, potentially, related disorders like autism and Alzheimer’s disease. FAST is the largest non-governmental funder of Angelman syndrome research and the only organization with a detailed plan towards a cure. FAST has set a $2 million community goal for this year. If we can meet this $2 million goal, we have an excellent chance of getting those funds matched -- and the faster we will be able to start clinical trials. Every dollar counts!

The more people who know about FAST, the greater FAST’s impact, so please spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. If you feel so inclined to host a fundraiser event of your own for by page (bake sale, Oscar party for a donation entrance fee, a dinner, a 5K, a business donation or whatever your creative mind thinks up) we would be humbled and thankful. It's go time. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means more than you could know.

Krysta, Jeremy, Olivia, and the rest of the MacGray family.

Thank You

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